WordPress Website Setup and Customization

WordPress Website Setup and Customization

Shoestring Collective will assist you with your WordPress website setup and customization.  We have over 15 years combined experience with anything connected to WordPress – we specialize in WordPress website setup and customization. With our help you can take full advantage of the countless free themes and plugins WordPress offers.

We will analyze your current web presence and connected items, paying special attention to known vulnerabilities and issues. Then, based on this analysis, we’ll provide you with a report on what you have already that works vs. what is recommended. Some items will fall under “Best Practices”, other items will fall into specific areas of accessibility, localization, and more.

WordPress is by far the most popular and easy way to set up your website. It has dominated the content management system market for years. Even if you are on SquareSpace or Wix at the moment, we recommend that you consider making a change. Why? Because with a self-hosted WordPress installation, your costs will be low, and the free plugins and themes available make a convincing case for switching.

Shoestring Collective will take your website to the next level.

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