Professional Portrait and Event Photography

Professional Portrait and Event Photography

Shoestring Collective offers professional portrait, event, and other photography. No matter what medium, great photographs are important. Photographs make an impression like no type ever can. Sometimes you only need a generic stock photograph for a post. Yet, more often than not you will want to show others who you actually serve, or who your team is.

The reasons are simple: people don’t read online, they browse. A great picture will compel them to click on it for further information. A great picture shows others – rather than telling them – the awesome work that you do.

Head shots of your staff and board gives visitors on your website an idea of who you are. Seeing professional images with your staff and board gives people an idea who they are connecting with. And the fact that they look professional also reflects favorably on you and your organization.

Candid photographs of the people you serve, the animals or land you protect, make it easier for volunteers or potential donors to connect with your cause. Photographs literally pull heartstrings.

Whether you have a need for professional portrait and event photography, or whether you need stock photographs for your website or printed materials, contact us for a quote.