Translation Services and Website Localization

Translation Services and Website Localization

Language is more of a barrier to your potential clients reaching out than you may realize. We offer professional translation services and WordPress and website localization. Languages offered  are Turkish, German, French, and Spanish. Whether you need a report or a website translated into another language, or from that language into English, we have your back.

Does your organization or group serve a population who speaks a language other than English? A good example here is somebody serving immigrants from Central and South America. Most likely your site should be multilingual, reflecting the needs of the people you serve. So, at a minimum, your site would be bilingual (English and Spanish).

Google Translate may do an OK job translating your website. Yet, more often than not it becomes necessary to have a human do the work. The reasons for this are simple: artificial intelligence is just not on par when it comes to the nuances of language.

If the plugins available which integrate Google Translate into a WordPress site are not sufficient, this is the point where Shoestring Collective can help. You don’t want your site to sound choppy for the people you are trying to serve.

Contact us today to discuss how our translation services and WordPress and website translation localization can improve your printed and web presence.