Shoestring Collective specializes in non-profit and grassroots consulting. Often, non-profit and grassroots organizations and groups can’t put in the time it takes to make their mark online, even if they have the expertise. You need funding. You need volunteers.

We started with a passion for helping others change the world, and we have your back. We’ll help you “do you”.

Shoestring Collective helps you plan for and secure what you need to be successful. We can help you set up a WordPress website. We can help you write press releases. Shoestring Collective can help you improve your non-grant-related fundraising. Or we can help you recruit volunteers.

Whatever it is that your organization or group needs at the moment, we have you covered.

We understand that you operate in a unique environment. We will learn your environment as if it were our own. And after doing a thorough analysis of where you are at the moment, we will provide you with a quote and some recommendations to improve upon what you already have, taking into account any constraints you may face.

If there is anything you’d like assistance with in terms of non-profit and grassroots consulting – from helping you build a web presence to obtaining funding, please contact us today to discuss.