Welcome to the Shoestring Collective!

Welcome to our repository of tech resources for grassroots change! Many small non-profit organizations and grassroots groups don't have the time or resources to build a strong online presence or get the word out about the great work that they do. Even if they can find the time, free resources are scattered all across the Internet.

Enter: the Shoestring Collective. This site is designed to help grassroots and non-profit groups and organizations with hands-on materials to

great content

... anything from websites to printed materials and press releases.

collaborate with team

... utilizing online state-of-the art communication tools.

connect with donors

... we help you set up effective fundraising and volunteer management. All in one place. You may also post/sign up for volunteer opportunities here.

Spreading solidarity: if you need a site, consider Shoestring SPACE. Shoestring SPACE has several levels available and gives you more than wordpress.com in terms of functionality: more themes to pick from, more customization options, and, most importantly: basic plugins at our free site level.

Please note: none of the companies/tools mentioned on this site are paying us to be featured or linked to. We have simply picked what we know to be solid tools for you to achieve your goals.