Desktop Publishing and Design

Desktop Publishing and Design

Shoestring Collective offers desktop publishing and design services and can design logos, graphics, brochures and various printed media for you. Your printed presence is as important as your online presence.

An effective logo or brochure will help you get noticed; a beautifully designed email template will engage your audience. Shoestring Collective can assist you with design and desktop publishing for different mediums. While most communication today happens through email, social media, and other virtual mediums, desktop publishing for print also still holds value.

Can your organization really afford to have a printed piece released into the world that looks generic or outdated? We are not referring to producing a glossy, colorful piece. After all, donors expect you to use their funds for the greater good. But still, any printed piece people have no reason to keep is a waste of money.

In the same spirit, why have a logo when it does not reflect your organization or group? If you think of the best, most memorable logos you know of, like the Nike “Swoosh” or the proverbial “Golden Arches” what do they all have in common? You’d want to wear them on a t-shirt, and some of them have become truly iconic.

Contact us today to discuss how we can combine your vision for your organization or group and turn it into high-quality printed pieces you may be proud of.